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Grenada EDD Unveils Redesigned Website

The Grenada County Economic Development District (the EDD) announced today that it has launched its redesigned and enhanced economic development website. The upgrades made to the site (www.grenadameansbusiness.com) expand upon the core of the website launched in 2009 which received exuberant reviews from economic development professionals throughout the Southeast and received the International Economic Development Council Award for Marketing & New Media.

The enhanced site is a valuable source of up-to-date information and data, aimed at meeting the needs of site selectors, business prospects, and existing companies interested in opening or expanding businesses in Grenada County.

“The design and navigation improvements we have just completed mean that our community continues to have a powerful and professional presence on the web,” said Pablo Diaz, executive director of the EDD. “Our site was designed to provide information, data, and context to the appeal of Grenada as a vibrant place to do business. These improvements and updates – in information, presentation, and graphics – will continue to open more opportunities to attract, grow, and expand businesses in the region.”

The website improves upon the functionality level found only in the best economic development websites in the country. With the click of a button, a prospect interested in Grenada can create a completely customized report that can be emailed, printed, or downloaded. The site has sections in Japanese, German, and Spanish that cater to potential foreign investors. The site was designed by the Grenada EDD team, developed by ED Suite, Inc., with graphics assistance from the North Mississippi Industrial Development Association.

Darrell Robinson, president of the Grenada County Board of Supervisors, said that he is proud of the way the community and its assets are presented in the website. “This enhanced website strengthens our position as we compete nationally and internationally for economic development projects,” he said. “Our presence is very professional, very informational, and very inviting.”

Tracey Giles, Bureau Director for the Existing Industry & Business division of Mississippi Development Authority, said that the EDD’s website “positions Grenada positively in attracting major expansions of existing industry, as well as attracting future industrial prospects. Project managers at MDA utilize community websites to determine community compatibility for projects,” she added.

Grenada Mayor Billy Collins added, “This updated website represents who we are as Grenadians. It shows that we are progressive, pro-business, and ready and able to respond to the needs of our existing companies, as well as new companies.”

The Grenada County Economic Development District (the EDD) is the official economic development entity for Grenada County and an MDA partner.